E-Paper Display

AIMobile13.3 inch Advance Color E-(ACeP) Signage. As one of the first in the industry, we are proud to offer AlMobile's cutting edge color E-Paper display. The AlMobile ACeP13 features a 13.3 inch 1600x1200 pixel Advanced Color E-Paper display that contains four pigments in each microcapsule or microcup thereby eliminating the need for a color filter overlay. The pigments used are cyan, magenta, yellow and white, enabling display of a full color gamut and up to 32,000 colors. The AIMobile ACeP13 is a completely self-contained compact advertising device that runs on Android 9.0 and contains a Qualcomm SDA660 processor, support wifi and blutooth wireless connection. AIMobile ACeP13 can be supplied by wall outlet or by a 4900mA battery for a steady power.

E-Paper display feature a paper-like reflection of light rather than a traditional display needs backlight to provides brightness, which makes E-Paper a more comfortable reading experience for the eye and gives a better angle of view. Electronic paper display in the case of bright ambient light can show the advantage of the product to ready clearly, do not need to rely on a stronger backlight.Another feature of E-Paper displays is their low power consumption, which allows ACeP13 to display images without power at all, traditional displays would never achieve this effect. On bus stop signs, for example, are well suited to take advantage of the features of E-Paper. As long as the contents are not changed frequently, they can still be read clearly in bright sunlight with no power consumption. AIMobile 13.3” ACeP13 devices is an advanced display that have above advantages, it can be used for displaying on all kinds of information which connectivity is over wi-fi and there are no cables required at all, and widely used in enterprises, schools, cram schools, art galleries, retail malls, hotels, government agencies, hospitals, banks, transportation and other industriescases.

User Scenario