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Optimistic about the market prospects of the mobile industry, Inventec Corporation and Advantech Co., Ltd formed AIMobile Co., Ltd to focus on the research and development of industrial handheld wireless devices. Through this strategic alliance, AIMobile combines the highest standards of industrial computer tablets and other handheld devices, design and manufacturing services with a special emphasis on Android driven industrial applications, and peripheral hardware and software support, to provide customers a complete solution. Product solution areas including retail, automotive, medical and other vertical markets.

AIMobile, a Smart Solution (AI + IoT) company, dedicates in products and service with mobility and connectivity. Purpose-Build for applications covered Retail, Hospitality, Medical, Healthcare, Logistic, Field Service, In-Vehicle, Factory & Public safety. AIMobile is headquartered in Taiwan with R&D and sales marketing, provides a wide range of reliable and consistent high quality ruggedized product and also ODM service to meet your various requirements.

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President Timothy Chang 


After receiving his Master’s Degree in RF and Microwave Communication from National Chiao Tung University, Mr.Chang embarked on a successful 25-year career in the international IT industry. Mr. Chang’s accumulated knowledge and experience led him to identifying the importance of AIoT and smart cities in the modern era, and solidified his mission to lead AIMobile in Industry Mobile, AIM Android Solution Platform and AI/iVideo Solution Platform becoming a new industrial leader in Taiwan.




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◆ Chairman William Chang

◆ President Timothy Chang

◆ CFO Martin Hu

◆ CTO Jackson Cheng



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2021.04.15 號誌會講話 北市AI辨識抓行人闖紅燈 違規數大減5成 -採用英研智能AI解決方案 中時新聞網

2021.04.14 元太攜手亞太電信、英研智能 推出先進彩色電子紙看板系統 經濟日報

2021.04.14 亞太電信攜手元太科技、英研智能 三方合攻彩色電子紙看板系統 工商時報

2021.03.25 2021智慧城市展-交通願景館-新北市政府攜手英研智能移動公司及華電聯網股份有限公司打造淡海新市鎮為「全國首座開放式5G智慧交通試驗場域」

2021.03.05 台灣港務公司宣布 啟動高雄港區智慧車流系統

2021.03.05 台北市試辦路口行人汽車影像辨識 - 採用AIMobile解決方案

2020.12.18 車聯網驗證基地 淡海智慧交通場域啟用

2020.12.17 淡海新市鎮「5G 智慧交通試驗場域」今啟用,智慧車將擁有上帝視角

■ 2020.07.10 AI與交通對話 技術自由對上人命關天

■ 2020.07.10 逢甲牽手英研 用AI解台74線壅塞之苦

■ 2020.02.27 AIMobile參與台北市自駕巴士計畫,預計5月上路測試

■ 2020.02.13 移動式路燈測出真實集會遊行人數

■ 2019.12.12 Canon攜手合作 AIMobile 創造智慧交通新城市 (STV台灣安防報導)

2019.12.12 Canon 攜手合作 AIMobile 創造智慧交通新城市

2019.12.12 〈台灣佳能攜手英研〉看好三大產品成長 英研力拚明年營運虧為盈

2019.12.03 敏博工控SSD獲晶達與英研青睞 智慧交通嶄露頭角

2019.05.28 路燈多功化AI Box先化繁為簡

2019.05.06    World's top AI startups gear up for Taiwan's Smart City Summit & Expo

2019.03.08 塗鴉智能攜手全球芯片巨頭高通,AI+IoT全球化發展再添新動力! 

■ 2019.02.27 加速Edge AI專案進行 英研SRP助力系統整合商

■ 2017.04.05 研華攜手英研,推工業級平板AIM

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