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Industrial Grade Quality and Reliability

AIMobile is devoted to designing and manufacturing a diverse portfolio of industrial grade hardware with industrial environmental needs, such as wide-ranging operational temperatures, rugged designs, IP65 certifications, and medical certifications.

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Android Expertise

AIMobile has developed an enhanced Android operating system AIM Android, which is industrial-oriented to provide the most used features for corporate customers. AIM Android has come with an application framework, SDK and utilities focused on industrial usages, and an MDM (mobile device management) system. Think About Android Think About AIMobile!

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One-stop Service

AIMobile is not only capable of designing and manufacturing hardware, but also an expert in software development and integration. With both expertise combined, customers can enjoy a one-stop service from AIMobile with time & cost-saving, hassles-free and faster time-to-market benefits.

Products and Solutions

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Edge AI

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Industrial Tablet

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ePaper Device

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