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Industrial Tablet

Ever-growing for Broader Needs

An industrial tablet is an electronic device used to transfer and collect essential data in an industrial working environment, following which the information and data are integrated and utilized for operational and business functions. It has enabled streamlined communications, accurate tracking, asset management, and much more. The compact and rugged tablet design, with resistance or friction hold and reduced vibration, leads to the augmented adoption of these devices.

Market Trend

Challenging Environments for Professionals

Industrial tablets are ideal for frontline mobile workers with the requirements of the computing power of a computer and the versatility of a tablet. With reliability and durability in mind, industrial tablets are designed and built to accompany the professionals in harsh and dangerous environments.

Growing Demands For Data Management

Industrial tablets give frontline workers and management team up to the minute reports, such as stock levels, progress of sales, and merchandise forecasts. The almost real-time data management is appreciated to reduce backorders and overstock, locate high value merchandise upon stolen, streamline reporting and claiming process of damaged stock.

Broader User Scenarios

Industrial tablets make it possible for businesses to mobilize larger segments of their workforces, increasing worker productivity, communication, efficiency, and safety. Technological integration in the commercial, manufacturing, and logistics sectors has increased the user scenarios and thus led to more prevalent adoptions.

Product List

Product Image


10.1" tablet based on Intel's 11th generation Elkhart Lake N6210 platform and Windows 10 OS.

Product Image


Integrated with Qualcomm SDA660 CPU and 8” HD resolution with sunlight readable 800nits brightness

Product Image


8" rugged tablet integrated Qualcomm snapdragon 660 CPU and Android 10 OS.

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13.3" best cost-effective tablets with Intel Tiger Lake CPU and Windows 11 OS

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