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Market Challenge of Mobile Device Management

In the era of industrial technology moved from cloud computing to edge computing, industrial devices usually have both sensor and CPU or GPU, which play the role of detection, judgment, and inferencing to improve the timeliness of decision-making. As for cloud, not only emphasizes its computing power, but also bears a backup role in device management, data storage, and data analysis.

Since different industries have different needs, various edge devices will also be customized to different degrees according to the particularity of the application range. At present, each device in the market does not have a unified interface, so device manufacturers or system integrators must develop exclusive cloud services with their private protocol. In other words, the purchase of terminal devices (edge computing devices) needs to be paired with a set of cloud services designed by device manufacturers or system integrators. As a result, enterprises will be forced to use many different cloud systems due to different procurements, in addition to management difficulties and inconsistent operation interfaces, the usage charges of cloud services are even heavier, and often time overlapping.

AIM-MDM on Cloud

AIMobile has also launched its own cloud service along with AIM-Android, called AIM-MDM. With AIMobile’s terminal devices, AIM-MDM also provides device management, data storage and analysis functions. However, in order to avoid the problem of diversifying operation interfaces, we provide a cloud-based SDK, through which a customer can call the related API with its own cloud program. AIMobile’s cloud data is pushed to the customer's own cloud service, integrated in the familiar operation interface of the customer. At the same time, the usage charges of the cloud service is reduced, and the customer's problem is solved smoothly.

The cloud service provided by AIM-MDM fully supports the industrial terminal devices produced by AIMobile, whether it is Android platform or Linux platform. AIM-MDM can monitor every terminal device and obtain real-time data analysis. AIM-MDM not only supports multi-platform devices, but also logging into cloud services across multiple platforms. For example, using a Windows-based PC/NB to log in in office; using an iOS/Android-based mobile phone to check device status on the go; using an iPadOS/Android-based tablet to access and manage data for a frontline manager in factory.

AIM-MDM provides a set of convenient, powerful, and secure management tools for device managers to monitor connection status, health condition, and operation details of each device on the network. At the same time, through dashboard analysis, managers can see the data is turned into a variety of concise graphs, which becomes the best aid for decision making. Frontline management personnel also grasp the status of every device in the field through AIM-MDM, including temperature, processor utilization, network transmission data statistics, execution programs, real-time display screens (cameras need to be installed), or perform changes to a single device and even a group of devices, such as shutdown, system update, lock, factory reset , execution of system-level instructions, appointment of future instructions, etc. In other words, AIM-MDM’s rich functionality is not only for device monitoring and warning, but also for remote control.

In terms of security, AIM-MDM’s cloud service is installed in Microsoft Azure with the support of multi-site redundancy and encrypted transmission. If an edge device is locked or attacked by hackers, AIM-MDM makes system rebuild remotely possible, removes all intrusion programs, and overwrites data back to the device from the cloud with the restored state before the attack. All these functionalities comprehensively enhance the security level.

Exclusive Technology Included

In addition, AIM-MDM designs an automatic registration system (Zero Touch Provisioning, ZTP) for a new edge device, as long as the device is connected to the network, it will automatically kick off encrypted registration service with the cloud center. After completion, the registered device will be seen and managed in the device list, which greatly reduces the lengthy time spent binding devices one by one.

Usually, customers will need their providers to customize certain special instructions, which are specially made for a site, on the contrary, AIM-MDM provides a flexible function that allows customers to add new instructions by themselves. For example, after a restaurant is closed, the owner will perform three tasks on a device, restart, clear record, shut down, this series of tasks, if divided into three instructions, must wait for the system to restart, before executing the clearing instruction, and wait for a period of time after confirming that each device has cleared record, the shutdown command can then be executed, so the overall waiting time is just too long. With AIM-MDM, customers can configure a new instruction on their own, executing three tasks in a row, restarting, clearing records, and shutting down. Given such a new instruction, a device will automatically complete three tasks. This is exactly the function AIM-MDM aims to achieve with flexibility and thoughtfulness to customers.

AIM-MDM is a powerful and complete device management system, which is a crucial part of enabling intelligent and digital management. Its data storage and analysis plays an important role for decision-making of enterprise customers. AIM-MDM is an indispensable tool for enterprise customers to build Industrial Internet of Things with its powerful features for edge devices and data.

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